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Moving the Elephant - Sending Large Files or Groups of Files

Jan 24

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1/24/2011 3:02 PM  RssIcon

John writes:

When you have large files or a large collection of files to send to someone, what do you do?   You can send any file as an attachment to anyone, anywhere via email. Any file, you ask?  Yes, as long as it meets the size restrictions of your email provider, as well as your recipient’s email provider restrictions for incoming email.  Some of us even set restrictions on incoming email because when these large files are coming through, all of the other computer’s resources are being hogged by this incoming file.  This creates a less than desirable work environment, on the computers on both ends, when your other resources are needed to complete a time-sensitive task.

If you don't have an FTP connection and don't want to create a peer-to-peer connection, an Internet-based "hard drive" is a good way to go. These services provide a simple interface and often and unlimited amount of disk space, frequently for free, for you to upload your files. To share these files, the service sends an email to your recipient, letting them know that a file is awaiting download. Files are encrypted on the site, and the recipients need a password for access and decryption.

Here’s a quick primer on how we advise our clients in the use of such services.  For this scenario, you have 60 photos to send and those photos, if properly sized for your club web site, take up about 5-10 MB of space.  First, sort the photos into folders that are named as an event or date.  Next, select those folders and zip them (zipping files will be the subject of our blog in the very near future) into one single file.  Then, go to one of the services listed below and sent the file.  It’s that easy and it saves a lot of time on both ends.  The same applies to files like newsletters, when there are numerous pdf files that are frequently near 1 MB each.

So here are a couple of services that can be used to transfer these files.  I would like to note that we typically use only these two, while there are many others offering similar services.  The best thing about these two services, is that the size of the files being sent are unlimited, while others you may find are limited by size, as well as bandwidth.

- Free Big File Sending Service
SendThisFile lets you send files with no size limit via email for free, while paid accounts offer many amenities and can be used to send and receive large files in a branded manner through a web site, for example. All accounts do have a six day pick-up time limit, though, and SendThisFile does incorporate secure transfer and storage, but no virus scanning.

SizeableSend – Free file sending service
SizableSend.com is for businesses and individuals, who need a convenient, secure, and free solution to send, receive and track important large files.  Send large files faster than overnight courier, with no registration required for your recipients. Advanced tracking features ensure delivery, so you'll know exactly when your files have reached your recipients.

In addition, you can use these services when you want to send your family pictures to other family members and friends, without modifying the photos.  You can just plug your cameras memory card into the computer and send away.  They’ll be happy that you did it this way instead of clogging their email box with those photos that are 4 MB each.  And if they’re on a dial up connection—yes, some people in rural areas still use those—they will be really happy.  They can just start their download before they go to bed and have those photos of your family vacation to look at when they wake in the morning.


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