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Get your Club or Business Website Off to a Solid Start in 2011!

Jan 13

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Okay, it’s a new year--Hooray!  January is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  We’re all back to the gym, back to school, and back to work with resolutions to make this year the best ever.  So how about giving your website the same kind of “new attitude” attention?  Have you really looked at your website lately?

If your website is outdated, or has elements that are incomplete, it immediately turns your visitors off.  We look at scads of websites every day and there are many outdated and dysfunctional websites that are begging for a re-design.  I do not say this to be mean!  I say it because the reality is, you only get one chance to make a first impression for your business or club.

A website visitor is only going to spend a few seconds scanning your site to establish the following:

  1. Does this site have the information I am looking for?
  2. Am I able to find the information on the site?
  3. Will the information be presented so that I can understand it?
  4. Does this site have other information and services I might find useful?
  5. Is this business or club competent? Professional? And personally appealing?
  6. Do I want to spend any additional time on this website and would I ever consider a relationship with this company or club?
  7. Do I want to bookmark this website? Or am I just going to hit the BACK button now and move on to the next site?

So get a fresh cup of coffee, clear your desk, shut down the myriad of windows that open on your computer, open one browser window and take a fresh look at your website.

Ask yourself the following questions -

1.  What is the initial impression my website creates?

  • Is it up to date in its appearance and visually appealing (nice colors and easy to read)?
  • Is it frantic and confusing, or welcoming and professional?
  • Is the point/subject of the site immediately apparent?
  • Are the graphics and photos of high quality?
  • Is the load time reasonable?
  • Could this site make a visitor want to choose my company or club?

2.   Does the site communicate effectively?

  • Are there spelling and grammar errors?
  • Is the navigation of the site user-friendly?
  • Is the information up to date?
  • Is it apparent to the user how to contact me for more information?


3.   Is the content of the site meaningful?

  • Am I providing interesting, relevant, in-depth and correct information?
  • Am I providing the types of information a potential client or club member expects from a site (i.e. contact info, photos, events, etc.)?
  • Am I providing the visitor with a web experience and content that differs from my competitors enough to distinguish me in the visitor's mind?
  • Am I providing cause and opportunity for a visitor to contact me while leaving the process in their control?
  • Am I enabling a visitor to use my site in anonymity, so that they don’t have to “register” to get to important information?
  • Do I have pages for the ‘terms of use’ of the site and a ‘privacy policy’?
  • Is the overall effect of the site the one I want: does it portray my business or club in a professional and appealing way?

4.  How does my site compare to those of the other top competitors or clubs in my market?
(By the way…you have to answer these questions yourself. Don't ask your mom her opinion.  She’s not objective!)

If you are reading this, I think I am safe in assuming you see the value and importance of web promotion. You may also be ahead of the tech curve, relative to many of your colleagues.  With that said, it is important to realize that on the web, if you want to project a positive image, you need to keep up with what is current, not only in terms of blogging, SEO and other business-building activities, but also by keeping your website up to the latest design trends and standards, with content and a browsing experience which meets the expectations of the web users and makes the best possible first impression!

We at Connect 2 Clubs and Connect 2 Websites specialize in making your business or club look really, really good on the web.

Happy New Year!

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