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Making Your Club’s Newsletter a Really Big Deal

Aug 19

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Okay, I’m going to show my age a bit here.  When I was growing up it was almost a holiday when the new Sears & Roebuck catalog was delivered to our doorstep…especially the Christmas edition!  My brother and I had our Big Chief tablets and pencils handy to make our lists to Santa and practically tackled the postman when the wondrous book finally arrived.  We always fought over who got to look at it first.  It was a really big deal for us.  Sears stopped printing their “Wish Books” in 1993, but they sure provided me a lot of fond “wishful” times and memories.

Your club newsletter, if done right, has the ability to give your members that same level of excitement.  Okay, maybe not “Wish Book” exhilaration, but a well-thought-out newsletter does a lot to:

•    keep everybody on the same page as far as events, meetings, and fundraisers,
•    spotlight individual members and past events, and,
•    keep club members excited about being a part of the club.

Keep ‘Em Connected

Club newsletters are an easy way to keep your members up-to-date about club news and upcoming events.  It’s a good idea to have a section that is for announcements and/or upcoming events.  Make sure that section is always located in the same area of the newsletters.  In fact, once you decide upon a format for your newsletter it’s best to stick with it.  Your members will get confused when sections are moved around month to month. 

Keep ‘Em Recognized

Include a section about your club’s latest accomplishments. Accomplishments can be anything from gaining several new members to announcing the results of your latest successful event or fundraiser. Make sure that you relate the accomplishment to the purpose of the organization. You want members to know that your club is making a difference…every month.

Keep ‘Em in the Spotlight

Include photos of members and recent club activities. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a photo of yourself or seeing your name in print.  Members not only want to know that their club is making a difference, but they like to be mentioned and photographed as being a part of it.  Including pictures of members also helps your readers to identify with the organization.

Keep it Fun

Many of our clubs include funny stories, clever captions and even cartoons as part of their monthly newsletter.  You want your readers to have a truly enjoyable reading experience and look forward to each month’s newsletter.  After all, people join clubs to share their passions with other like-minded folks…and to have fun doing it!

With the cost of printing and postage nowadays many clubs have chosen to have their monthly newsletters available online or emailed to their members.  Then the members have the option to print out the newsletter or just read it from their computer, iPhone or other mobile device.  We highly recommend that each club keep an archive of previous newsletters somewhere on their website so that members can access them at any time. 

If your club does not presently have a newsletter, there are all sorts of free newsletter templates on the web to get you started.  Don’t forget the photos…or bragging on individual members…or the announcements of exciting, upcoming club events. 

Your members will appreciate your newsletter efforts and it will help your club thrive.  Take the time to make it a really big deal.  It’s worth it.

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