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By host on 8/31/2010 8:24 AM

Anel writes: 

For many of us, sending and receiving e-mail is the way we begin and end our days and it often takes up a lot of our time throughout the day.  It makes sense to have some ground rules to follow as we write emails, so that we can treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Here’s a list of some things to consider when you write emails.


By host on 5/21/2010 11:48 AM

John writes:

We chose to write about email etiquette, because it has become a very popular mode of communication among internet users, which is a large segment of the population.  

Since we are web developers, just about all of our clients use email as a means of communication with their club members, friends, family and other associates.  For some people this is a new way of communication.  Others are so familiar with it that they’ve become sloppy.  If you follow the same guidelines for writing your emails as you would for writing a letter, your emails will come across as concise and thoughtful communications.


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