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By host on 8/19/2011 9:42 AM

Okay, I’m going to show my age a bit here.  When I was growing up it was almost a holiday when the new Sears & Roebuck catalog was delivered to our doorstep…especially the Christmas edition!  My brother and I had our Big Chief tablets and pencils handy to make our lists to Santa and practically tackled the postman when the wondrous book finally arrived.  We always fought over who got to look at it first.  It was a really big deal for us.  Sears stopped printing their “Wish Books” in 1993, but they sure provided me a lot of fond “wishful” times and memories.

Your club newsletter, if done right, has the ability to give your members that same level of excitement.  Okay, maybe not “Wish Book” exhilaration, but a well-thought-out newsletter does a lot to:

•    keep everybody on the same page as far as events, meetings, and fundraisers,
•    spotlight individual members and past events, and,
•    keep club members excited about being a part of the club.

By host on 6/4/2010 10:34 AM

Anel writes:

Since the whole purpose of a club is to unite a like-minded group of people, your club probably publishes a newsletter. A newsletter is generally used to distribute useful information to members, including club news and upcoming events. It is more than that, though - it is also a platform to showcase member accomplishments, as well as provide a means for members to contribute their own material for the purposes of entertainment, education or information.

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