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By host on 8/30/2011 1:59 PM

We develop a lot of websites for a lot of different kinds of clubs, all over the United States.  We’re like proud parents when we’ve worked with a club’s designated webmaster or a group of folks from a club and their new website is finally launched.  It’s an exciting time and we strive to create a website where all of the club members are proud of their club’s presence on Web. 

We’ve found that people with the like-minded predominant passion of our clubs will often search club websites looking for other groups (same like-minded passion) in a particular area.  Thus, we encourage all of our clubs to have some sort of links page that showcases sister clubs, not only for the camaraderie that it creates but also because it’s beneficial for the search ability (search engine optimization) for both sites.

Here’s an overview about links and why your site needs them.

By host on 8/23/2010 11:42 AM

Anel writes:

Remember that game show, “The Weakest Link?"  On the show, people were asked a series of questions to test their brainpower in a high pressure, timed environment.  If they weren’t fast enough or answered too many questions incorrectly, they were ousted from the group and were rudely told that they were the “weakest link.”  What a trip down memory lane!

Likewise, weak links, or even worse, dead links on your website are not a good thing.  They make visitors feel like the website administrator doesn't really care about the content on the website.  In this post let’s take a close look at the value of links on your site and how to make them work for you.

Links between websites are a fundamental part of the web. In fact, links are what makes the Internet. Links to your website are a very important part of the way search engines (Google in particular) rank your site.


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