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By host on 10/5/2010 9:21 AM

Anel writes:

We live in a rural area on a beautiful lake in central Texas.  Our electricity, phone and internet services are provided by somewhat large regional companies, but our water comes from a very small company in northern Texas.  We’ve had no complaints with them other than the fact that they don’t have a website!!!  Whenever we need to contact them for anything we have to shuffle through scads of old bills just to find their phone number.  It’s hard to believe in today’s competitive business world that any business that expects to stay in business would NOT have a website.  Sheesh!

Well, this got me to thinking about small businesses and the importance that a website plays in their growth and success.  Our Connect 2 Clubs website is like a member of the family.  We check its vital statistics (number of hits, rank, page popularity, etc.) daily.   Of course, we’re in the website business and get most of our clients via the web.  But, other small businesses need to realize that if they don't have a professional website, they are missing out on exposure and sales. Furthermore, even with a great website, if they don't know how to promote it, they will still miss out on business.

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