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By host on 6/11/2010 8:00 AM

Anel writes:

Remember the Simon and Garfunkel tune, ‘Slip Sliding Away’?

Well, that’s what happened to a web domain for a group in Bluff City, Tennessee. The domain registration expired and someone bought the URL right out from under them.  Oh, did I mention that the group was the police department in Bluff City and the person that snapped up the domain (Brian McCrary) is a computer network designer who was disgruntled because of a ticket he had received from the department?  The site now displays a cartoon of a police badge and features complaints from motorists about the use of speed cameras that are used by the police department.

By host on 4/16/2010 8:22 AM

John writes:


I figured I’d jump in with a little technical information, since this question crops up often. 


This is a very simplistic explanation of the difference between domain name registration and website hosting, while more in depth and exhaustive explanations can be found on Wikipedia or through an internet search on the subjects.  We wanted to present this information because there is sometimes confusion between the two, and who has to be paid for each, as they are different.

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